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27 Years of Experience





Asbestos Abatement

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Red Seal Carpenters

An IICRC Certification is the highest level of service that a professional cleaning and restoration firm can hold. If you’re looking for a mold remediation specialist and they don’t use an IICRC logo on their website, you should be wary. You never want to leave it to an amateur to take care of your HVAC cleaning or remediation work, especially when it concerns the air you breathe in your home. This certification must be maintained and renewed every two years.

Water Restoration Technician(s).
This certification is for those with training in the science and practice of water damage and the process of restoring properties. 

These people are trained in the history, uses, regulations, containment and removal of structures containing asbestos.

Applied Microbial Technician(s).
This course specifies in the knowledge, legalities, safe removal and cleanup of mold contaminations.

Trauma and Crime Scene Cleanup Technician(s)

This certification is for people trained in working with, cleaning and safe transportation of potential infectious materials. These people are also trained to be conscious of the mental health of surviving members of the family, occupants or workers.

Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician(s)

These employees are certified for utilizing specific cleaning procedures for specific fire types and controls to restore strength and integrity lost from the loss.

Contents Processing Training

This training is for the handling, cleaning and storage of peoples belongings. As well as the understanding of what is priority to be serviced for the health and safety of people effected by the process.

Odour Control Technician(s)

These technicians are specialized in the removal of odours caused by fire damage, mold, biohazards and other odours that soak into surfaces and linger for years.

Carpenters that are trained, experienced and competent in carpentry.

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Started mid December 2023

Certified Salamanders

While new to the job, they keep and eye on temperature and humidity levels in the office. Frequently testing the water quality of their pool. Very diligent in disposing of insect sized pests.

We were found in a sewer back-up in someone's crawl space. There was -40 weather and our home was completely dried out and uninhabitable. Expert opinions suggested it would be best at the time to find someone capable of providing a home. Our new family all pitched in and created one. As over the winter and spring we have gotten used to regular, parasite free foods and have absolutely no fear of any potential predators it was decided our best chance at life was working inside the office.



Started late January 2024

Certified Mouser

This farm boy with a knack for maneuvering around equipment and vehicles and getting into tight spaces with a high prey drive. Found he was quite at home in a work shop as well.

After a losing battle with the snack drawers being raided and nested in it was time for us to turn to an expert in pest control. After multiple interviews we came across this young man. Vaccinated and registered, he was ready and eager for work. Surprisingly friendly for his rough and tumble past.
Efficient and diligent, while new to the scene, he has been the best form of pest control.

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